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Our Privileged Path to Selling Your Luxury Property Off-Market 

Choosing to sell your luxury property off-market is a decision that opens the door to a realm of exclusive benefits tailored to high-end sellers.


At Tu Casa Australia, we specialise in connecting sellers with qualified buyers discreetly and efficiently.


Here’s why selling your property off-market with us is our privilege and pleasure. You benefit from:

Discretion and Privacy:

For those who value privacy, selling off-market ensures that details of your sale are shared only with a select group of pre-qualified buyers. This approach keeps your transaction out of the public eye, preserving the exclusivity and mystique of your luxury property.

Targeted Marketing to the Right Audience:

Our expert team employs a sophisticated, targeted approach to marketing your property locally, interstate and internationally by leveraging our extensive network of affluent buyers and investors specifically interested in luxury Australian  real estate, we ensure that your property reaches the most relevant and interested parties, maximising the chances of a successful sale.

Control Over the Selling Process:

Off-market sales offer a level of control and flexibility not found in traditional listings. You can set your own timelines, choose whom to negotiate with, and make decisions without the pressure of a public listing. This control ensures that the sale aligns perfectly with your expectations and requirements.

Minimised Disruptions:

Without the need for open houses and frequent showings, selling your property off-market reduces disruptions to your daily life. This is particularly beneficial for sellers who occupy their luxury property or have tenants in place.

Potentially Quicker Sales:

By directly reaching out to buyers who have a specific interest in off-market properties in Australia, the selling process can be significantly expedited. Our targeted approach means that your property is presented to individuals who are ready to make a decision, often leading to quicker sales.

Maximising Sale Value:

The exclusivity associated with off-market listings can enhance the perceived value of your property. Combined with the expertise of our sales team in negotiation and understanding of the luxury market dynamics, we are positioned to achieve the best possible outcome for your sale.

At Tu Casa Australia, we understand that selling a luxury property is more than a transaction; it’s a significant life event. We are committed to providing a selling experience that respects your privacy, meets your individual needs, and exceeds your expectations.


Explore the discreet and rewarding path of selling your luxury property off-market with us, where sophistication meets unparalleled service.

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